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Ali İbrahim Öcal

Mountains are where the sun and the moon, light and dark, the heavens and earth meet. Mountains weigh down the ground; they belong down here on earth by nature, yet equally up above by deed. A unity that brings together the soaring might of the mountains and the movement of the abysmal seas briefly invites us to become the subject of two spectacles which is a pleasure to look at, even knowing that it will not last long. At this point on the planet where we convene, coordinates 41°03’08.6”N, 28°59’27.6”E to be precise, a mountain resonating with its cliffs and forests meets a rippling sea with its creatures and myths.


  1. 41°03’08.6”N, 28°59’27.6”E, Cement, Sand, Pigment, Plaster, Water, Variable Dimensions, Performance piece, 05.06 – 08.06.2021
  2. Skin of the Sea II, Oil on Canvas, 125x 250 cm, 2017