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Dikine Ongoing Project

“Take no more than fits into your hand. (Or) imagine a warm embrace with both arms. In fact, bear the load on your back. Join forces with others and drag it. Fence it off if it won’t budge. Stack and then climb to the top, elevate; empty your pockets. Staying put is as much of an action as going places. Stories about not going anywhere are aplenty. This is no secret, neither is it the truth; this is a mass in its own sphere and its validity depends on mobility. These are the experiences of those “faster” than you. If you lose your way in the cycle, you will find it in your ruins. Assuming you have reached the theme of emptiness, you shall not need anything else. Togetherness does not guarantee unity; rather it is the existence of non-existence – annihilation is what brings us together.”

Manifesto, 2019


Object and Repetition 

 “Take a look at your bones to grasp expectance and omission. Migration routes flowing through the sequence of spinal discs are drawn on the rocks of the earth, the caves of the marrow. Follow in the footsteps of the snail. Where no one gets a share and nothing belongs to anyone.” 2021

Fist-sized spheres made from shreds of old newspaper are lined up on a rope like beads on a rosary and installed inside the space. A question emerges: What connects repetitions? While the production of the spheres continues at the workstations, the concepts of discontinuity, transience and displacement are exposed in the motion between the two rooms of the exhibition space. Due to their nature, the transformation of materials at the stations happens in real time. In the indirect orbit of the movement of silence, of the dialogue between movement and space and material, one tracks down the knowledge passing through the memory of the spine. 

After the performer leaves the exhibition space, the video repository covering the long-term performance is conveyed through the sequence of materials and their projection on the memory of the space. On certain days, the performer will make remote live connections to project images that map out real / hyper-real spaces merging with the spheres. Following the footsteps across the map of migration, the images will meet again in the void.