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30 October 2020 - 05 May 2021

Childhood and adolescence are very important periods in our lives that define our personalities.

A phase during which we experience the pinnacles of our exhilarations, yearnings, dreams and disappointments etched on our memories; not to mention the tipping points until we reach adulthood. At the end of childhood, the world we discovered with naïve hope and love is gradually replaced by the hectic rush of our growing responsibilities. Most of us quietly leave our childhood behind during this transition period and come of age with the grave illusion that maturity means to evolve into a completely different person. So, it comes as no surprise that exposure to a child’s dreams, hopes and joviality invariably has a rejuvenating effect, a reminder of how precious life is. We see ourselves in a child’s gleaming eyes and often rediscover what we have lost inside us. Children replenish our faith in that the world could be more productive, creative and free.

So, how does a child see the world? Laid out in four different sections – home, foreigner, in-between and togetherness – the exhibition reminds onlookers of a different perspective while inviting them to revisit their childhood and discover the realities of the children who took the photographs.

Now, why not come over and look at life from a different perspective.

Our memories of a childhood toy, a song we might have heard at a young age, a brief moment when we saw our reflection in the mirror, fragments of moments we can vaguely remember are pretty much equalised on paper in terms of meaning. Yet, they acquire different meanings for each and every one of us. Surrounded by crowds but unique nonetheless.

Childhood is when we are best at living the moment, without contemplating the past or the future. It seems as if the present is the most childish of times. During this magical interval, dreams and reality merge seamlessly.

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