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We host as Kalyon Kültür the solo exhibition of the world-famous French pop-street artist Jisbar namely “Jisbar in Istanbul”.
French artist Jisbar, one of the world’s leading names with his unique style at the intersection of Street Art and Pop Art, meets art lovers with the exhibition “Jisbar in Istanbul”, curated by Aslı Bora, between November 8, 2023 – February 14, 2024.
Jisbar, who started his art life by making graffiti on the streets of Paris, invites the visitors to go beyond the image with his artworks that combine his own pop language with street art and include slogans and symbols. The painter offers an inspiring experience by bringing iconic works and characters of art history such as Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Frida Kahlo, Dali and Klimt into the 21st century with his own pop style and the free spirit of street art.

In the exhibition, Serie Icons, which combines the bright colours of Pop Art and the figures of mass culture with the rebellious spirit of street art, Serie Art Money, which visualizes the transformation of the masterpieces of art history into a commodity in popular culture and his art works stand out as Serie & Friends, which visualize the acceptance of consumption as normal in the ordinariness of daily life.
The exhibition focuses on the world of concepts that are constantly consumed in the ordinariness of media and popular culture, reinterpreted by the artist. The art works, in which everyone will encounter a familiar image from their own lives, turn into puzzle waiting for enlightenment, where the street, fashion and magazine are woven with slogans, numbers and codes.

Novermber 8 – February 14

  • Our exhibition is free.