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Kalyon Kültür opens its own doors to art lovers with the exhibition of “Those Who Dream of a New World” between 18th July and 2nd September. In the exhibition, which was held in cooperation with the İyilik İçin Sanat Society, works of 23 independent artists such as nature, art, loneliness and urbanization that have influenced the world since the 19th century are brought together in the historical texture of Kalyon Kültür.

The exhibition “Those Who Dream of a New World” Curated by Aslı Bora – Kalyon Kültür Art Director- focuses on the intersection of concepts such as epidemic, migration, climate change and earthquake that affect large masses in individual memories. The exhibition, which is structured in a three-series cycle such as consumption, savage life, and journey, mirrors the concerns about the planet and the individual that have left their mark on the last century. In addition to traditional representations of art such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, and applications such as video, digital art, collage, and upcycling, artists turn the language of expression into a multi-layered field of inquiry with the possibility of technique.

Taş Konak, the venue of the exhibition where the reflections of the dialogue created with the subject by the urban development that emerged with consumption, individuality and industrialization, has been a part of the memory of the city since the 19th century. Built at a time when urbanization was entering a new phase for Istanbul, Taş Konak promises the audience a different exhibition experience as the most important hero of “Those Who Dream of a New World”, with all its temporal testimony.