Ayşe Gül Süter

 The inspiration for the Microspheres series originates from the artist’s residency at the IRB Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute. Scientists working in Histopathology Laboratories develop their claims based on their observations on tissue samples taken from healthy and unhealthy organs (such as liver, eye, skin or lung) under a microscope. The subtle visual variations between healthy and unhealthy tissue make it possible for researchers to make diagnoses. Interestingly, the main forms observed in the visual data are always round/spherical. Microspheres focuses on our sensory experiences with a glass installation that uses light, forms and colours. It creates an imaginary space constructed with light under strong rays of the summer sun. Whether it is in the case of plants, animals, humans, bacteria, cells, or plankton, it is a reminder of one of the most fundamental requirements of life: light. By establishing a dialogue between space, light and the audience, mirror sculptures position light as a travelling and shapeshifting invisible entity that also alters and transforms the images we perceive. The video turns the lens on the spherical forms of human cells seen in microscopic images, reminiscent of images familiar from Google Earth or drone flights, and it evokes the possibility that micro-worlds and macro-views resemble each other and even exist within each other.


“But when we see how the branching of trees resembles the branching of arteries and the branching of rivers, how crystal grains look like soap bubbles and the plates of a tortoise shell, how the fiddle-heads of ferns, stellar galaxies, and water emptying from the bathtub spiral in a similar manner, then we cannot help but wonder why nature uses only a few kindred forms in so many different contexts. Why do meandering snakes, meandering rivers and loops of string adopt the same pattern, and why do cracks in mud and markings on a giraffe arrange themselves like films in a froth of bubbles?”

Peter S. Stevens, Patterns in Nature, 1974


  1. Microspheres, Glass Installation, 2021
  2. Flight Above Human Cells, Video, 4’00 ”,2020
  3. Sphere, Custom Designed Glass and Glass Paint, Diameter 80 cm,2021
  4. Refracted Light 1, Custom Designed Glass and Glass Paint, 190 x 79 cm, 2021
  5. Refracted Light 2, Custom Designed Glass and Glass Paint, 190 x 79 cm, 2021