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“The Nook” exhibition will be at the Nişantaşı Taş Konak between March 9 and June 31.2023

The daily life of the Ottoman Empire has been one of the most curious subjects of the West world for whole centuries. The diaries of any ambassadors and travelers who visited the imperial lands are full of lines describing the Orient as mysterious and secretive. Those who wrote these remarkable lines mostly trace the world of women living in a hidden environment. The fashion sense, aesthetic likes and daily preoccupations of the Ottoman women, who kept their mystery all along, often come to life with imaginary images in the paintings of European painters.

Behalf of Kalyon Kultur makes the dreams of the past come true between March 9 and June 31.2023 with a wide selection called “KUYTU” (The Nook), which reflects the clothing style and life culture of Ottoman women. Meyçem Ezengin is the curator of the exhibition, which consists of more than 1200 special items selected from the Yusuf Iyilik collection. By “KUYTU” (The Nook) selection, which took place in the atmosphere that has been sealed the time of Taş Konak in the 1860s, a panorama of life from bags to shoes, amulets to necklaces, opera binoculars to hats meets the audience. Presenting items from the 17th to the 20th centuries, each reflecting the fine taste of the multicultural texture of the Ottoman Empire, the exhibition promises the beauty of a forgotten century. The selection that brought Mrs.İhsan Raif, one of the first residents of Taş Konak, to the light of day from “KUYTU” (The Nook), brings the inspiration of an era to the present day.