Coding Life

01 October 2021 – 27 November 2021

Kalyon Kültür


Orhan Cem Çetin

"A photograph is essentially a visual image that is blind and meaningless, which is made sense only by the individual looking at it, as a result of highly complex and often subconscious processes."

Ahmet Polat

Ahmet Polat's exhibition opened in March 2020 at the Kalyon Kültür.
Kalyon Kültür

Taş Konak

Taş Konak has been put into service as Kalyon Kültür since 2020.
Podcast No#37

Ceylân Önalp

17 March
Remaining in Our Minds, which deals with the place of culture in human's dynamic life and the human being shaped in that culture, continues to host guests from the fields of art and culture.

Magical Things Waiting Patiently


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